Golden Fire - 2oz

Golden Fire - 2oz

The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co.

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Like the sun, Golden Fire is a source of vibrancy and warmth. It’s very spicy, caffeine-free, and especially tasty as a latte. At the heart of this herbal tea is turmeric—a sought-after ingredient we had previously reserved for a private custom blend. Turmeric is characterized by its magnificent yellow coloring and anti-inflammatory properties that are enhanced by ground black peppercorn. Cinnamon and cloves add subtle sweetness, while honeybush fills out the blend with more body. Good for the stomach, Golden Fire adds a burst of unexpected pleasantness to any day.


Ginger*, Turmeric Pieces*, Cinnamon*, Cloves*, Turmeric Powder*, Honeybush*, Ground Peppercorns*, Cayenne.

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